Philosophers New monastery (Nea Moni Philosofou) and Kryfo Scholio

The church of Nea Moni Philosophou (New Philosopher’s Monastery), which today is a dependency of the Monastery of John the Baptist, is dedicated to the Assumption.
It was built in 1661 and has been completely harmonious cruciform shape, with major art paintings and exquisitely decorated wooden iconostasis, created by the painter
Victor while dominating the image of St. John the Baptist.
The Old Convent philosophy is perhaps the most important Byzantine monument and one of the oldest monasteries in the Peloponnese. Its name comes from the founder, John Dimitsaniti Lampardopoulo called the “philosopher”, an intellectual person and the court of Emperor Nikiforos Fokas.
Built in 963 AD flourished in the 17th century and abandoned in 1691 when they built the new monastery. It is widely known as the “Secret School”, located on the sacred rock of Monoporis on the west side of the gorge of Lucius, at a height of 200 m from the riverbed. According to tradition there was a school in the years of Ottoman rule, developed to the New Monastery as a significant school, which operated until 1764 when it was transferred to Dimitsana.

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