Panagias Elona Monastery

The history of the monastery dates back to 1300.
Based on history, the shepherds of the area saw an inaccessible point of the slope Parnon a light.(Parnon or Parnonas is a mountain range).
Initially they gave no attention, but persistent phenomenon peaked their curiosity so that they resort to Holy diocese Reontos and Prastos.
Diocese gathered villagers and tried to give an explanation to the curious incident. The result was to realize that it was a light of one oil lamp, which was lit in front of an image. The position where the image was, rendered impossible any effort approach it. After their prayers download the image at a lower point and bolder attendees climbed the mountain and found that it was a picture of the Virgin and Child.
Then they built a makeshift wooden chapel, where they placed the picture while the access was made by a rope ladder. In the area where the picture was found they where two ascetic monks Kallinikos and Dositheos.
The bishop asked them to settle in the exact place where the picture was found. With the help of local residents, the two monks did not take long to build a small chapel and two cells, creating essentially the monastery. Based on traditions and data from manuscripts, the two monks found horrible end at the hands of two Turkish.
Based on the same tradition story, the two Turkish murderers lost their vision when they attempted to desecration of the temple and monastery, and regained it only after the entreaties of the inhabitants of the neighboring village Kosmas. Due to this, perhaps, privileges acquired over the same period, to the inhabitants of this village. The next year the monastery flourished and acquired a large number of pilgrims and donors. After the failed revolution of 1770 (Orlov) the Turks destroyed as retaliation Peloponnese.

During this period, the monastery burned and looting, while the monks massacred. The monastery was rebuilt the next decade. Holy Monastery flourished during the first decade of the eighteenth century. Among others took place the building of the new church and auxiliary buildings, many of which have survived until today, and also took place the opening of the road.
Acne is the monastery led by the Ecumenical Patriarchate to declare and Stavropegic Patriarchal Monastery. This led to the many privileges given by the Sultans orders and longer obligated to pay an annual tribute to the Patriarchate. Thereby avoiding the possible violation of its assets. An important contribution was the monastery of Elona to the Greek Revolution of 1821, which is certified by the Peloponnesian Senate document. During the reign of Otto the monastery was preserved. After the decree “on the dissolution of the Monasteries” in 1833, the monastery lost its former glamor, the fortune ripped and the monks expelled. In 1972 the monastery was reorganized and operates to this day as a monastery of female monks.

The church of the monastery dates from 1809, information provided by an inscription on the main entrance. Built on the foundations of earlier destroyed temple and has a larger size than the previous one. Specifically it has a length of 14.90 meters and a width of 5.10 meters.
The church does not have a dome and paintings. The dashboard of the temple however is carved and it’s from walnut wood. On the dashboard are painted scenes from the Old and New Testament, which are works by important artists, as evidenced by the remembrances that exist on them. The spire of the church was built in 1831.

The temple is dedicated to the Assumption which is celebrated on August 15.


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How to get to the Monastery Panagia Elona / Elona – 65Km

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