Malevi Monastery

Founded in 717 AD Built at the Parnon (Parnon or Parnonas is a mountain range) near the top of Malevo (Malevo is a mountain range), they named it; Malevi.

In the battle between Greeks and Turks in 1786 the monastery destroyed as the monks fought against the Turks. Monks who survived the battle of Malevi dispersed to other monasteries.
In the monastery there is a miraculous image, one of the 70, which was painted by Luke the Evangelist, where from 1964 wells Holy Myrrh, thanks to which many patients are cured.
The miracle of the Virgin in the monastery is innumerable.

Phone +302792022630 Monastery of Malevi Kastri Kynourias


How to get to the Holy Monastery Malevis 29

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How to get to the Holy Monastery Malevis 29Km.

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