Loukou Monastery

The Holy Monastery of Sotiros (Transfiguration), Luke was the chosen near the historic villages Astros and Doliana.
The monastery belongs to Vyzantinoistorika monuments of our country.

Excavations have produced important findings, which are kept in the museum of Astros. The monastery reached glory days, but during the Turkish conquest saw the dissolution and destruction. Monks massacred and valuable treasures were removed, among them the founder of the plate. The growth of the church is purely Byzantine octagonal high dome supported by four columns and written cross on the floor and the roof. In the center of the floor is carved double-headed eagle, a sample that was Patriarchal Monastery.
At the left and the right of the entrance there are two churches of St. Haralambo and St. Panteleimon.
The inside of the temples adorn excellent paintings. Remarkable are the icons of the monastery, many of them survived the fire of 1826 because of the heroism of the monks. The monastery has always male monks until 1946, converted into a nunnery.

Phone Monastery Loukou – +302755041260

How to get to the Monastery Luke – 7km

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