Lake Taka

Taka Lake is located 10 kilometers from Tripoli and is one of the most important wetlands in Arcadia and Peloponnese. It is also a natural phenomenon. The sources supply it with fresh water which drains through a system of “sinkholes” in underground rivers.
Thus in summer the lake is completely drained while in autumn starts to fill again until it reaches fullness in midwinter. As a result of this process the Vouno village, on the banks of Taka, the winter is beachfront, while in summer is not! Taka Lake is a provider of water for the crops of Tegeans field.
Projects in order to avoid the tide in the plain are very important. Privileged view of the lake can someone have from the village Kandalos located in the north of the lake. Taka lake, especially in winter, is a meeting place for hunters. Exploratory excavations in the lake have detected traces of the ancient city Manthirea, which gives the old name of the region “Manthourian field.”