Ladon Lake

The artificial Ladon Lake, was created in 1955 with the construction of the dam (120 km from Tripoli) (for hydroelectric purposes) in a canyon of Aphrodisios mountain at 420 m altitude. Since then, Ladon Lake has been declared as an ecological park. The maximum length is 5 km and the capacity of 49,000,000 m3. It worths visit the Kyras bridge at Mouria village (with 49 residents at 460 m altitude), which was flooded by the waters of the dam and appears only during the summer months. Also, an alternative tourism company operates the lake by kayak. According to the myth in these beautiful woods goddess Aphrodite was meeting her illegal lover god Mars.

Ladon River is a tributary of Alpheus and took its name from the Boeotian Ladon when Boeotians settled in this area. According to the myth when Pan saw his beautiful bride he chased her. The bride, exhausted, begged the river Ladon to help her, so he transformed her into reed. Panas cut some reeds and formed his own musical instrument named syringe. Around the Ladon river and artificial lake there are excellent places of natural beauty, such as the locations Smixi Kourbo, Kanellaki, Kyra’s Bridge, Nisia and Chaliki. The hydroelectric dam of Ladon is also a local attraction. Constructed in the 1950’s the dam created an artificial lake (length15 km and 6,000 surface acres, 420m altitude).

The route to arrive to the dam is very beautiful and exciting. To get to the lake you will pass by Tropaia or Dafni village. At the dam the road follows two directions. The one (at your left) follows the Ladon river, and leads to the villages Vahlia, Kontovazena and Voutsis and the other (on your right) drives along the north shore of the lake to the village of Mouria and from there to Daphni. It is also worth visiting the sources of the river at the NE of the lake, near the village Likouria.

Other activities …

Ladon, like its tributaries Paios, Aroanios and Tragos, is ideal for canoeing, kayaking and rafting. Due to the easy flow of the water is ideal for beginners and young children.

You can even hike, swim or fishing. Nearby locations are ideal for hiking and cycling. It is also a humting place because many wild boars come to the river to drink water. In addition Ladonas Lake is suitable for rowing, windsurfing, fishing, swimming and boating. A good starting point for hiking and other activities of alternative tourism is Daphni Achaia.

Only 5 km from the village, in a beautiful location on the banks of the river, there are organized alternative tourism facilities for  archery, mountain biking (mountain bike), rowing, canoeing and kayaking. Also, you can find traditional taverns near the village of Mouria and Kyra’s Bridge.

There two options in order to get there. Eitherr through Kalavryta or by the national road to Tripoli at the exit node of Nestani and then Levidi – Vlacherna. After Vlacherna, turn right to Klitoria – Cave Lakes.

Ladon Lake 138Km

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