Artokosta Monastery

The Monastery of Panagia Artokostas finds as one traverses the rocky slopes of Parnonas (Parnon or Parnonas is a mountain range) toward the Prastos Village. 3km.

NE of the monastery are the ruins of the old monastery, known as Kato Panagia. It is unknown why the monastery was abandoned and later built the new one. The name of the monastery – old and new – is Artokostas.
It is worth noting that the original Monastery of Panagia was the largest and most important monastery of Tsakonia.

Very interesting is the painting of  Virgin Virgin Mary. This picture came into the hands of the Venetians in 1460 during the conquest of the Peloponnese from the Turks so it has been moved to Venetian Nafplio.

During the expulsion of the Venetians the painting moved into the image Augustinian Monastery, where he stayed until 1597.

Phone Monastery Artokostas / Orthokostas Eortakoustis +302755052630 – Leeks / / Municipality of North Kynourias

How to get to the Monastery Artokostas or Eortakoustis – 21km

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