Aimialon Monastery

On the road between Stemnitsa with Dimitsana, built at the foot of Klinitsa mountain is the historical
Monastery Emialon dedicated to the birth of Mary.

Founded in the late 16th and early 17th century and today consists of two buildings that form a “T” in the cavity of the rock on which it is built.

According to the two dominant versions it was named by the snails that are in abundance in the area, which in Mani called “Emialon” either was named from the place of origin of its founders, who came from Emialon Messinia.

Moni kept relics of significant value and wooden temple dating to 1632 AD Shortly before reaching the monastery is worth a stop to admire the famous monastery of linen which is a place of heroic sacrifice of Kolokotronis.

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