Built amphitheatrically in the dense vegetation of Mainalo at an altitude of 1150 meters is the charming Valtesiniko.

It used to be one of the capital villages of Gortynia with a county court, agronomeio, notary, high school, elementary school and woodwork school! It is thought that the name indicates a place with lots of water and really close to the village there are abundant flowing waters combined with vast forests of fir and walnut trees that surround the village and create a magical atmosphere for the 200 permanent residents and the arriving visitors.

Stone houses consists of two, three and in some cases, more floors. Before arriving in the village, on your left dominates the old sanatorium named “Mother of Soldier.” It was founded by the sister of Pavlos Melas, Maria Papadopoulou, for the health care of the soldiers who participated in the Balkan Wars.

Very close to the village there are the monasteries of the Assumption and St Nicholas. The Monastery of the Assumption, built in 1600 AD, is located approximately one km northwest of the village.

The scenery is spectacular with fir, cedar and maple and an enchanting view of Erymanthos Helmos. The Monastery of St. Nicholas is older than the monastery of Panagia. It is located in a huge cave that forms a dome while few parts are a result of human intervention.

A stone building in the center of the village houses the Folklore Museum, where you can see artifacts from the region.

You can taste traditional products of the area (very good quality milk, cheese and mytzithra, chestnuts, sweets, pine honey, trahana and other handmade pasta, salted pork and local wine).

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