Stemnitsa located 45 km western of Tripoli, is a picturesque mountain village, built on the slopes of Mainalo at an altitude of 1100m. The traditional architecture, the mansions, the beautiful Byzantine churches and the stone fountains, in addition to the magnificent view of the surrounding peaks, charm the visitor.

A cobbled street leads from the square to the highest point of the village where used to be an impressive castle. From there, the view of the village and the gorge of Lucius are unique. The folklore museum attracts visitors not only for the collection of workshops and traditional peangelmaton but also for the traditional architecture of the buitding, which used to be the Hadzi mansion.

During the Byzantine period, in Stemnitsa flourished the craft of bell construction for this reason, in the central square dominates by the great bell of St. George, a specimen of this art. Furthermore, there is still a school for jewelry craft housed in a beautiful stone building.

In Stemnitsa you could find old and new objects and jewelry made of gold and silver in quite affordable prices, made by local journeymen. Stemnitsa is also known for its traditional sweets (patties, folds, etc.) and pasta.

Still, it was the center Stemnitsa Gold and argyrotechnias. The art of not archyrochrysochoias still taught today in Secondary Technical School namesake silver-and goldsmiths (two studies) which. What to get Stemnitsa will find Apart from metalsmithing, , which the visitor can find head shops.

Nearby paths starting from Stemnitsa navigate to the canyon of Lucius and the monastery of St John the Baptist, built on a rock, decorated with icons of the 14th  and 16th century and an important library.

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