Lagadia is a picturesque village, built at an altitude of 900 m on the slopes of Mainalo looking at a sharp and deep ravine with a slope of 70%.

It is 60 km far from Tripoli and 15 km from Vytina. Many of the houses have one floor at one side (the one that faces the stree)t while the other may have three viewing the mountain landscape. The central square of the village, with cafes and restaurants stands on the edge of the ravine and is full of plane trees.

From this ravine begins the steep canyon (the Lagkadiano stream), where the river Touthoa flows crossing a large part of Gortynia and between wooded slopes leads to Ladon river.

Do not miss the historic home of the DELIGIANNI, the old churches of Holy Archangels, which is the and the Apostles (1854).

In the village there are several beautiful stone fountains.

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