Shortly before arriving in Tyre after Zaritsi will find the beach Tigani.

The small cove is cited on the edge of a green slope that ends in a beach of white pebble. Beautiful pine mingle with old olive trees and provide a distinctive beauty to the place. In this beach is the “cave of lovers’ accessed only by small boats.

Beach Tyros is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Peloponnese.

Tyros was named by Apollo Tyrita (cheese), whose temple is situated on a hill in the village of Ano Tyros, from which you can gaze Myrtoo Peleagos, Spetses and the Argive coasts. Over the ruins of the temple of Apollo was built the chapel of Prophet Ilias. The summer cultural associations of Tyros (Ano Tyros, Katw Tyros and Tyros) in collaboration with the municipality organize cultural events culminating in the “Apollonia” in August. At harvest of Mary on Aug. 6 is a big fair trade in the village of Tyros next to the cathedral, the Transfiguration. In Tyros you will find a variety of accommodation and taverns while in the hilltop castle on the edge of the beach, there are remains of an ancient settlement and cyclopean walls. Just below the hill is the beautiful beach of Agia Pelagia, which is reaches only by a path, while the slope is dominated by three conserved mills.

At the slope of the mountain, just above the beach, there is the picturesque little village Sapounakaiika. During the first dawn hours the return of the fishing boats in the small harbor of Sapounakaiika offers a unique spectacle as the sea is crystal clear and the boats seem to float over the harbor. After Tyros and continuing south you will pass Pera Melana, a mountainous village built on the slopes of Parnonas. Here most residents speak Tsakonika (Greek ancient dialect)! Tsakonian is the also the architecture of the buildings that all overlook the sea and the beautiful beach of Kisaka.

Livadi Beach is the southern part of the municipality Tyros and stretches in front of the homonymous small fishing village. The water is crystal clear, while above the mountain slopes there are the villages of Melana and Pramateytis.

Tyros 33km 35 minutes

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