Leonidio one of the oldest maritime cities of Greece and the capital of Tsakonia got its name from Saint Leonidi. At the entrance of the city dominate 3 old mills on a big rock. The region is characterized by the traditional Tsakonian architecture, unique in Arcadia.

The market in the center, the famous mansions with typical gates, Trikaliotis Tower built in 1808, the Tower of Polytimos (1816) and the one of Noufris will travel you back in time, at the early 19th century.

If you visit Leonidio at the last Sunday of August, you will have the pleasure to attend the celebration of the famous Tsakonian aubergines.

Near Leonidio is the village Poulithra, picturesque seaside village with a nice beach.

Do not forget to visit the historic monasteries of Elona (10 Km) and Sintsas. Within walking distance (4 Km) from Leonidio is Plaka, port of Leonidio, a seaside village with a picturesque harbor and beautiful beaches.

In the same place was cited the ancient port of Leonidio. On the road to the port of Plaka are located the remains of the largest ancient city of Kynouria, Vrasies. Just 5 km before Leonidio you will find Sabatiki beach a small peninsula with its crystal clear waters and beautiful natural environment.

On the beach of this picturesque fishing village with a small port and the traditional lighthouse, is the chapel of Panagias. In the village you will find small taverns with traditional varieties of fresh fish and seafood.

On the other side there is a smaller beach named Theopeftou.

Map of Leonidio 50km (51min)

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