Agios Andreas

Agios Andreas village is the first of Tsakonia.

Tsakonas, hanitants of  Tsakonia, are direct descendants of the Dorians and they managed to keep the Doric dialect, unattached through centuries.(Google Endangered Languages)


Agios Andreas beautiful stone houses make the streets of the small town ideal for romantic walks. Located 3 km from Agios Andreas is the picturesque harbor with a beautiful views of Mirtoo sea and Astros.

Near the beach is the dependency of the Monastery Artokostas, consisting of a small church dedicated to the Annunciation (Evaggelismos) and a tall tower, probably of Venetian construction.

Worth visiting the Monastery of Agios Georgios Endyssenas built in late 17th century.

If you are in Agios Andreas in May you can participate in the feasts of saints Constantine and Helen, and yet, those of Agios Georgios, and the Presentation of the Holy Apostles.

Located 10 km south of Astros, just outside the village of Agios Andreas, which is the limit of Tsakonia starts Gorge of Zarmpanitsas with numerous waterfalls and eleven lakes.

Going down to the beach of Agios Andreas, very near the sea, you will find the ruins of an ancient fortified settlement, for which several researchers have speculated that this is the ancient city Anthini

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