Arcadia by the sea

Kynouria is the only part of Arcadia washed by the sea (Saronic Gulf and Myrtoo Sea).

Along the coast you can find picturesque villages and beaches. Water sports fans (surfing, kite-surfing, fishing) will love the Arcadian seas.

The coastal Arcadia caters to every preference, from sandy, organized, beaches to tranquil coves.

Paralio AstrosParalio Astros

Paralio Astros is located in Peloponnese, in the prefecture of Arcadia.It is 30 km distance from Nafplio and 40 km from Tripoli.
Paralio Astros possesses beaches and a harbour which can accommodate small ships. A medieval Frankish fortress commands the heights of a peninsula called “The Island” which juts out to form the harbour.
Paralio Astros offered for a quiet, romantic walks in the picturesque harbor with fishing boats sailing, as well as exploring the quaint little streets.


Shortly before arriving in Tyre after Zaritsi will find the beach Tigani. The small cove is cited on the edge of a green slope that ends in a beach of white pebble. Beautiful pine mingle with old olive trees and provide a distinctive beauty to the place. In this beach is the “cave of lovers’ […]


Xiropigado is a beautiful seaside village the first you will meet entering the prefecture of Arcadia. Located on the slopes of Mount Zavitsa and washed by the waters of the Argolic Gulf. Just 150 km from Athens, 20km from Argos and Nafplio and 51 km from Tripoli. A beautiful village from which one can view […]


Leonidio one of the oldest maritime cities of Greece and the capital of Tsakonia got its name from Saint Leonidi. At the entrance of the city dominate 3 old mills on a big rock. The region is characterized by the traditional Tsakonian architecture, unique in Arcadia. The market in the center, the famous mansions with […]


We understand that our proposal for an excursion to the village Kosmas, at an altitude of 1150 meters, will take you away from the beautiful beaches of Kynouria, but the beauty of this small village aon the SE side of Parnonas will reward you. Kosmas village was destroyed by the occupation forces in 1944 and […]

Kryooneri – Tserfos – Agios Xristoforos

Entering the municipality of Tyros you will meet Kryoneri, Tserfo beach and the village of Agios Xristoforos at Zaritsi cove. In this small bay trees almost bordering the sea. The beach is covered with pebbles and clean emerald waters will give you the illusion that you are in exotic Pacific Islands! There is located an […]

Arkadiko Xorio ( Arcadia Village )

Passing Agios Andreas village, on the way to Leonidio, you will find Arkadiko Village, an integrated model settlement at Little Pepontina. The road just before Arcadia village to Tyro and Leonidio is impressive. On your right rises the mountain of Parnonas while on yourleft stretches the Kynouriaki coast with sandy beaches, small coves and beautiful peninsulas. […]

Agios Andreas

Agios Andreas village is the first of Tsakonia. Tsakonas, hanitants of  Tsakonia, are direct descendants of the Dorians and they managed to keep the Doric dialect, unattached through centuries.(Google Endangered Languages)   Agios Andreas beautiful stone houses make the streets of the small town ideal for romantic walks. Located 3 km from Agios Andreas is the […]