Moustos Wetland

Very close to Astros is located the wetland of Moustos.

They say that at Moustos there was the old port of Paralio Astros from where the grapemust was loaded, as the area of  Thirea was famous for its vineyards. That is how this wat\\etland got its name as Moustos in greek means grapemust. The wetland is of great environmental importance. Both flora (rushes, reeds, straw, etc) and fauna (fish, eels, waterfowl birds, etc.) are plenty in this region.

Apart from the permanent residents of the lake, every year many waterfowl birds (swans, herons, wild ducks etc.) are wintering, enjoying the excellent weather conditions and the hospitality of its inhabitants/ visitors. The lagoon water is renewed from one source with brackish water, which is considered curative. For this reason, many people are swimming in the lake!

A wetland affects the climate of an area. So Moustos ensures a fresher climate in summer months.

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